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#nande naino


About Us

We are a grass-rooted youth movement advocating Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Japan started in 2018.

#Nandenaino means 'Why don't we have?' in Japanese.

By using this word, we try to raise awareness of the reality of poor conditions around SRHR in Japan while we do deserve access to SRHR basic health care, including the full option of contraceptives and safer abortion, and reliable information based on comprehensive sexuality education. 

To make a change, 

we ①provide information ②collect voices and do research

and ③advocate to crucial stakeholders including media, doctors, and politicians.

Also, we give basic info about SRHR in Japan for the people who plan to visit or stay in Japan to ensure their safety. 

We believe SRHR should always be protected as our basic human rights no matter where you are. We are the one who should make a change because we are the one who has the power to do it.

We Demand SRHR=Basic Human Rights

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

based on International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education (UNESCO)

②Full Option to all

Modern Contraceptives

in affordable price

③Availablity of Emergency Contraception at a pharmacy at affordable price

④Legalization of Medical Abortion

Comprehensive SRHR
service for young people


福田  和子

a founder of #Nandenaino Project

Kazuko Fukuda is a Founder of '#Nandenaino project (#why don't we have?project)'. It all started when she lived in Sweden as an exchange student for one year from 2016. At that moment, she heard about all unapproved contraceptives in Japan and medical abortion for the first time in her life. After going back to Japan, she started this project to raise the awareness of SRHR within Japanese society and ensure SRHR of all women living in Japan.

Other than that, she's active as a member of the Youth Initiative Committee at the World Association for Sexual Health.

Currently, she takes a master's degree in Public Health based on SRHR at Gothenborg University in Sweden.

  Our Mission 

Know the TRUTH

​Contraception itself has been taboo topic in Japan for very long.

Only very limited information is available in Japanese language.

Everything starts from knowing the TRUTH.

We introduce modern contraceptives to the Japanese society

Raise Your VOICE

Please share your stories and thoughts about​ contraception

It will encourage not only us, but also all Japanese people who wish to protect one's body and opt to have free choices in their lives.
Also, it will be the powerful wake-up call for the Japanese society.


To ensure our sexual and reproductive health and rights, advocacy is a key. We make a change by collecting real voices and bringing them to the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and politicians who have the power to change this situation.

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