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Modern Contraceptives

Oral Pill​



<They are not approved for use in Japan>

Injectable Contraception

contraceptive implant

contraceptive Ring


Contraceptive patch



the Comparison in Contraception

     Use and Availabilityin the Industrialized Countries

WHO Essential Medicine

GreenBox:           For Free

Right Blue Box:   Less than $5/month

Blue Box:             Less than $10/ month

Reliable Website: The website run by the government and non-profit.



Summary of FACTS

the number of approved types of contraceptives is very limited in Japan!

In Japan

the cheapest women-centered contraceptive is

available from $20 per month.

    In contrast, most other industrialized countries offer cheaper contraceptives

    in range of $5 per month or even for free!

According to the survey,

the average amount of pocket money of high school student in Japan is $50 per month

University students usually spend around $80 for social expenses per month.

So, spending $20 or $30 is neither easy nor feasible for young people in Japan.

Contraceptive pills are covered by the national insurance

    only when they are used for reducing menstrual symptoms

like heavy period or cramps,,

    but not for the birth control.

Privacy&National Insurance 

Every Japanese citizen is entitled to comprehensive national insurance.

. When we go to the clinic,

we usual present the insurance card. This is a significant factor why young people may hesitate to go to the clinic, because they do not want parents to find out/

 If you visit clinic and if it's covered by the national insurance, later on the letter about

what clinics you visited and money you spent, will be sent to each house.

As a result, young people's privacy can be easily violated.

Also, some clinic require to present insurance card even when

their services are not covered by the insurance.

So, many of young people get anxious if somehow the record of visiting clinic will be found by their parents. In fact, there are so many questions like this on the internet.


​While Plan-B is available over the counter in pharmacy for affordable price in most countries,

    we need the prescription and it costs around $100~200,

even you are underage.

   Also, during weekends, the number of places you can get emergency pill, is very limited and can be more expensive.

In Japan, there is no place like nationwide 'youth clinic' or 'sexual health clinic' 
So usually, girl/women visit to gynecologist while boy/men visit urologist.

Because it's not common for young girls to visit gynecologist in Japan,

it can be a big challenge for them. 

In Japan

it's hard to get reliable&evidence-based information

about sexual health,

because there is no official website about sexual health

run by the government agencies or NGOs.

Like contraceptive injection or implant,

most of them are listed on the WHO List of Essential Medicines



               from the WORLD



Contraception as Human Rights & Basic Needs

The meaning of 'Nande-Naino' is 'why don't we have it?'

Intentionally, we have chosen the word 'contraception' in the title of this project .

That is because, we think, once we use this word, 

it's going to become much more difficult for some girls to share this project on their Timeline or other electronic applications. 

In Japanese society,

the women-centered contraception is still perceived as something only for 

girls who have lot of sex (which is taboo topic)

and not for 'normal' and 'good' girls.

However, it's not true at all! 

That belief is just stigma labeling women who use contraception.

Just the opposite,

Contraception is

the basic need to plan responsibly their life

& our human right.

In fact, 

when you see the number of abortion per 1000 people for each age,

It's too obvious that the main group having abortion is

young people, under 24.

But it's natural once we think how difficult to get contraception

especially for young people in Japan!

Today's situation

must be changed as soon as possible!


Please share the situation in your country,

Please tell us your experience,
Please tell us we are not alone

Please say it out loud,

it's totally ok to use contraception

and it's our human right to use contraception in this modern world!

We have to fight against stigma

One's belief should not take over other's rights.

To do that, we need your voice.


#Japan Needs Contraception

Abortion Rate ( /1000)  2015 

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